This site is currently dedicated to helping to save the Packhorse Inn in South Stoke, Bath, which is set to be closed and turned into offices on Sunday 13th May.  If there is sufficient interest in the village, this site could turn into a more general-purpose resource for locals.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. I truly hope that the pub can be saved in some way. It is one of the nicest pubs in the Bath area and I have very fond memories of it over the years.

    I am amazed that Wadworth or similar would not buy it and make it a success. People book the George at Norton St Philip from all around the world. The Packhorse has every bit of that potential.

    Good luck to the campaingers.

    Dr Mike Wells, Bath.

  2. The building is obviously worth more as residential but I totally support the Packhorse continuing as a pub – its location is very much in its favour for either use, but as it has been run as a pub until it was closed by the new owners, a pub it should remain. Please could this site include contact details and a page on which people can leave messages of support?

    • Thanks for your suggestions and your support, Mark. Comments are “enabled” on every page to allow detailed feedback but I’ve just added to the call-to-action on the first page to invite comments there. I’ve also just added a Contact Us page to which we’ll add more direct addresses within a few days. Hope this helps!

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