Planning application comments

Our applications for planning permission and listed building consent for the refurbishment of the Packhorse have been submitted and are now available for inspection. Supportive comments will help our cause so please take a moment to express your support on B&NES’ web site, particularly on the planning application!

The applications are necessarily verbose but here’s what they aim to achieve:

  • outside: six new car parking spaces
  • basement: kitchen and extension with dumb waiter to all floors
  • ground floor: character of bars preserved
  • first floor: dining and sitting rooms – public for the first time
  • top floor: one bedroom flat for a manager
  • indoor WCs!

There are currently 44 drawings and documents in each application but the two are largely identical. So, if you’re short of time, we suggest you review the following to get a sense of the plans:

B&NES will ignore identical comments (no copy & pasting, please!) but you might consider expanding on one or more of the following:

  • Rescue of a neglected listed building
  • Uniquely facilitates social connections across all ages and walks of life
  • Project involves the whole community
  • Improved Asset of Community Value
  • Renovation will reveal the history of an ancient building
  • Relocation of kitchen creates a more viable pub
  • Extra parking will help older customers.

Please express your support via B&NES’ official comment form online before the formal consultation period ends on 15 December. Or, use our contact form to give detailed feedback to the committee.


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